Saturday, February 13, 2010

End of an Era

Two months with no blog! I can only imagine the anticipation that my audience of three readers has been going through! Well, I'm going to try and do better. I promise.

With today's entry, we mark the passing of an era. For the past three years, Hanna's primary mode of out-of-the-car transportation has been her Evenflo stroller, Model 31937. It could be best described as the Honda Civic of strollers. The Civic is a reliable, not unattractive vehicle that gets the job done (we own one). The Evenflo Model 31937 is much the same. No one is ever going to confuse a Civic for a Porsche, and the Evenflo 31937 is never going to be confused for one of those fancy $800 jogging strollers (or beach strollers as they are known in Florida).

We owned two of them, one for Terri's car and one for mine. One was a gift from my sister and one was a gift from some co-workers. Between the two strollers, we've probably got close to 17,000 miles on them (15K of those miles from Disney World alone). Initially, the strollers included the baby carrier/carseat attachment which we used from the day Hanna was born until she was 9 months old. After we got rid of the carrier attachment, Hanna enjoyed the roomy expanse of this reclining chariot! In addition to a smooth ride, these strollers have acted as high chairs, beds, and shelter from the Florida sun and rain. Time and use has taken a toll however. Fabric is tearing, the tires have little tread left, and there are more stains on these strollers than on Hanna's bib after a spaghetti dinner. Even the Salvation Army and Goodwill would turn their noses up at these!

Just today we bought a smaller, sleeker replacement that will take Hanna to the end of her stroller riding days. It's about 10 pounds lighter, and folds up to half the size of her former chariots. It will soon get its shakedown voyage when we visit Walt Disney World over President's Day Weekend.

Before the end, the venerable strollers have one last trip to make. This final voyage will take them to the end of my driveway, where they will come to rest next to our mailbox. If the past is any indication, within hours they will be scooped up by a passerby, where they will hopefully serve out the remainder of their days giving someone else the same reliable service they have given us.

Rest in peace, proud Hanna Chariots! Thanks for the memories...and the mileage!